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Since the 90s, we are the distributor of “Lach-Ner” in Poland. It is the Czech company that is the producer of reagents with quality certificate ISO 9001.We offer:- Chemical reagents pure, G.R. (Pro analysis) , HPLC - Standard volumetric solutions- Finished standard solutions - Buffer solutions Ph- Indicator strips FILTER MATERIALS Filter circles for quantitative analysis ashless Filter circles for qualitative analysis Filter papers in sheets and different diameters
Transportation and orders
Shipments are realized by a specialist transport via forwarding companies, among other things, RABEN, PeKaeS or UPS. Goods are properly labeled and packed. Our shipments meet the most stringent safety norms. Urgent shipments and all products available on stock are realized within 24 hours. For regular and reliable customers we offer very attractive terms of payment.

Quality policy
For many years EUROCHEM BGD launches only reagents of the highest quality. We operate based on internal quality control system and applying European standards applicable in this field. Quality control system has been designed so that encompasses the whole company and the whole technological process of the product. This is not an isolated system, but an integral part of the whole process of the production and commercial entity. As part of that system, we archive selected samples of the products for constant monitoring of their parameters throughout the whole expiry date. Cooperation with suppliers that operate based on ISO certificates, guarantees repeatability quality parameters. For years, we are also the manufacturer of filtration materials, based on branded papers. In our offer we have paper filters and filter circles for qualitative and quantitative analysis. We offer them in any formats and diameters. Their quality has already convinced by many national and foreign customers. For more information please contact us.

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We promote a company LACH-NER (formerly Lachema and Pliva-Lachema) with which cooperation has already started in the '90s, first as a promoter of this brand, and now as the distributor of its reagents to Poland. Why LACH-NER? Because it is now a world-class chemicals manufacturer with ISO 9001 certification. In EUROCHEM BGD all manufacturing processes are carried out in accordance with environmental regulations. A range of innovative solutions to the elimination of polluting products have been implemented, and where possible, the waste is used in the process of recycling.
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